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How CIPIA-FS10 Works How CIPIA-FS10 Works

How CIPIA-FS10 Works

The Underlying Technology

The underlying technology is based on Cipia’s proprietary driver monitoring software which has been selected by carmakers (OEMs) worldwide for integration into their vehicles.

Cipia-FS10 employs proprietary computer vision algorithms, which track the driver’s head pose, eyelids, and gaze direction to provide real-time assessment of the driver’s drowsiness and distraction levels. Additional algorithms detect smoking, holding a phone, wearing a seatbelt and facemask in order to support fleet compliance. Facial recognition supports driver identity verification.

Powered By Advanced AI Technology

The underlying technology powering Cipia-FS10 is based on Cipia’s Driver Sense, driver monitoring software.

Watch this video to see Driver Sense in action.

Driver Sense was developed under strict automotive standards for integration with vehicle safety systems, and was selected by car manufacturers worldwide for integration in production programs.

To learn more about Driver Sense (software solution) click on the video.

Data Transfer

The core driver monitoring layer of the Cipia-FS10 device provides real-time in-cabin alerts to the driver using visual (LED), audio, and voice alerts when dangerous actions are detected, such as: drowsiness, distraction and holding a phone while driving. Cipia-FS10 connects to the existing fleet management system (FMS) to provide the fleet manager/dispatcher with tailored alerts from the connected fleet vehicles. The type and frequency of the alerts can be defined by fleet management. All alerts are logged in to the system per driver/fleet vehicle.

The new Cipia-FS10 Plus offers, in addition to the DMS functionality, a new optional road-facing camera which offers fleets three main usages:

  • Dashcam video recording, providing footage of the road ahead.
  • Capturing road-facing snapshots/footage at the time of a DMS-detected event (such as distracted or drowsy driving).
  • Additionally, for those using Mobileye 6 or 8 in their fleets, Cipia-FS10 Plus offers an integration with the device, providing fleet managers and dispatchers with road-facing snapshots or video footage from the time of a Mobileye ADAS detected event.

These three options can be enabled simultaneously, offering customers maximum flexibility and value.

* The Mobileye device is not provided, installed, sold, or distributed by Cipia.


Cipia-FS10 is simple to integrate. The system comes with a mobile app which was specifically designed for the installers to use during the installation process. The Cipia-FS10 system connects and integrated with the fleet’s existing server.

Device Specs

Application Notes

Cipia-FS10’s application notes are “power-ups” designed to offer additional functionalities to benefit your fleet’s needs. The app notes use the Cipia-FS10 capabilities and components to deliver applications which are beyond DMS.

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