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AI Powered Video Telematics for fleets

AI Powered Video Telematics for fleets

Cipia-FS10 Plus

Introducing Cipia-FS10 Plus, the advanced in-cabin video telematics system designed specifically for fleets. This AI-based system uses computer vision and an infrared sensor to provide driver monitoring capabilities (DMS), tracking the driver’s head pose, eyelids, and direction of gaze to provide real-time assessment of their state (attentive, distracted, drowsy), their actions (smoking, seatbelt, and holding a phone), and identity (recognition of enrolled drivers). With the new optional road-facing camera, telematics service providers and fleets can benefit from features such as dashcam video recording, capturing road-facing snapshots/footage at the time of a DMS-detected event, and integration with Mobileye ADAS device* providing road-facing footage from time of a ADAS event. Additionally, Cipia-FS10 Plus delivers tailored fleet manager alerts and insights via the existing fleet management server, offering customers maximum flexibility and data-driven value.

* The Mobileye device is not provided, installed, sold or distributed by Cipia. Integration with Mobileye 6 and 8 are available.

How It Works

The core driver monitoring layer of the Cipia-FS10 device provides real-time in-cabin alerts to the driver using visual (LED), audio, and voice alerts when dangerous actions are detected, such as: drowsiness, distraction and holding a phone while driving. Cipia-FS10 connects to the existing fleet management system (FMS) to provide the fleet manager/dispatcher with tailored alerts from the connected fleet vehicles. The type and frequency of the alerts can be defined by fleet management. All alerts are logged in to the system per driver/fleet vehicle.

The new Cipia-FS10 Plus offers, in addition to the DMS functionality, a new optional road-facing camera which offers fleets three main usages:

  • Dashcam video recording, providing footage of the road ahead.
  • Capturing road-facing snapshots/footage at the time of a DMS-detected event (such as distracted or drowsy driving).
  • Additionally, for those using Mobileye* 6 or 8 in their fleets, Cipia-FS10 Plus offers an integration with the device, providing fleet managers and dispatchers with road-facing snapshots or video footage from the time of a Mobileye ADAS detected event.

These three options can be enabled simultaneously, offering customers maximum flexibility and value.

* The Mobileye device is not provided, installed, sold, or distributed by Cipia.


Cipia-FS10 offers a simple integration process. A  dedicated mobile app was designed especially for the installers to use during installation. The Cipia-FS10 system connects with the fleet’s existing server.

Designed For Fleets

Cipia-FS10 utilizes the same advanced DMS algorithm found in Cipia’s OEM solutions. However, fleet management scenarios present a unique set of challenges. Dispatchers are responsible for overseeing hundreds of vehicles and minimizing the number of false alerts is critical to prevent alert fatigue and maintain optimal fleet performance.

To address these challenges, the Cipia-FS10 has been fine-tuned with a robust algorithm specifically designed for fleet scenarios. In addition, fleet management is equipped with powerful tools to filter alerts that are not relevant, including:

• Configurable speed thresholds, back-off times, and other parameters to filter out non-relevant alerts.

• Road center configuration to adapt to different types of vehicles, preventing false distraction alerts.

• Ability to enable/disable specific alerts based on the fleet’s policy.

• Configurable use of snapshots and videos to support fleet privacy preferences.

• Differentiation between driver alerts and cloud alerts to prevent dispatcher overload.

Other important features for fleet management include:

  • Driver ID for driver scoring and training.
  • Easy integration with existing FMS.
  • Integration with other in-cabin telematics devices.
  • With the new Cipia-FS10 Plus, incident reconstruction is possible using in-cabin and the road-facing* cameras.
  • Mobileye integration offers in-cabin and road-facing footage from time of ADAS event.
  • Reduced false detection (highly accurate DMS technology)
  • Easy integration Into existing Fleet Management System
  • Post-accident analysis
  • Highly configurable to cater to fleet's precise needs
  • Driver management enhancement
  • Driver scoring and training
  • Able to integrate with other in-cabin telematics solutions

Cipia-FS10 now supports integration with Mobileye* 6 and Mobileye 8 aftermarket devices

The Cipia-FS10 Plus has been enhanced to allow forwarding of Mobileye events to the Fleet Management Server, enabling a parallel review of in-cabin videos and ADAS data, providing a more complete view of incidents and better understanding of what occurred both inside and outside the vehicle at the time of the event. It also makes your existing Mobileye system a connected device by connecting it to Cipia-FS10 Plus’s RS-232 port via CANbus/RS-232 converters at no additional cost beyond data communication and converter purchase. Additionally, it offers multi-platform compatibility, allowing for Mobileye events to be viewed on any platform the customer is currently using, providing greater flexibility and accessibility for fleet managers and dispatchers.

* The Mobileye device is not provided, installed, sold, or distributed by Cipia.

Powered By Advanced AI Technology

The underlying technology powering Cipia-FS10 is based on Cipia’s Driver Sense, driver monitoring software.

Watch this video to see Driver Sense in action.

Driver Sense was developed under strict automotive standards for integration with vehicle safety systems. It was selected by car manufacturers worldwide and is available on the roads today.


Become a Cipia-FS10 partner

Cipia is growing its international presence, and is seeking suitable partners for Cipia-FS10 distribution.

  • Enhance your offering with a state-of-the-art video telematics driver monitoring solution
  • Offer market-leading, automotive-grade driver monitoring technology.
  • Answer the growing industry demand for aftermarket video telematics and DMS.
  • Easy and direct integration with existing Fleet Management System (FMS).